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As a child I watched my mom cook and watched as she put magic into the food she served. Eating at home was a real feast. Mama had a high level of ethics and always tried to use the best and finest ingredients in the market to give elegance and good nutrition to her guests. Mama had learned from her mom. That is, from my grandmother who in her little Bistro during postwar times made people forget the bitter tastes of war in a desolate France. Later, Mama learned other dishes, textures and flavors from my dad's mom, my other grandmother, who in the post-war period had to emigrate to a young and promising land named Venezuela. She delighted the family with the flavors from northern Italy.
That's how I grew up, with a mixture of flavors and cultures.

When I was 9 years old I started making cakes. My dad was my most fervent admirer. He used to buy me cake pans and ingredients to make cakes and dishes to see how they would turn out.

I feel comfortable in the kitchen, i love and enjoy it. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would prepare banquets for my family and friends. Nothing made me happier than seeing someone enjoy my cooking, to taste the love I put in my recipes.

Flan, better known as Quesillo, is a traditional Venezuelan cuisine dessert. Crème Brûlée is a traditional French cuisine dessert. Pannacota is a traditional Italian cuisine dessert.

These three flavors gave me the ability to create Claudia's Heavenly Flan. Over the years, I became famous among my friends and family for my flans and cakes. I started making flans for my friends, to such an extent that at each party they could not miss Claudia's Heavenly flans and cakes.

My family and friends complimented and encouraged me to share my recipes with the world and it is thanks to them that finally my dream of Claudia's Heavenly Flans & Cakes was born.

My Flans & Cakes are natural, with no chemicals or additives and they carry the finest ingredients on the market. Just like when I made them at home.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone enjoy my food and that is why I decided to share my passion with the world. To give anyone and everyone the chance to taste every bite of love and care that goes into my Flans & Cakes!

Odisa Ramos

Cake Designer

My story with pastry starts when I was 11, the day I wanted to bake a Birthday cake for my first love, my dad. I made the cake, it didn't turn out pretty, but it was very tasty and the best of it is my dad was very proud and happy.

Over the years, my passion for cooking increased, being at the Venezuelan Foreign Service, I worked organizing banquets and official dinners, and prepared some of the desserts that were served at those events.

I went back to Venezuela, specifically to Margarita Island, I dedicate myself completely to cooking; prepare cakes, desserts and other amenities for restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets and individuals. On the occasion of the Ibero-American Summit, in Venezuela, a Spanish Restaurant called Akelarre in 
Margarita Island requested, some of my specialties: Carrot Cake, Vanilla Flan, Tres Leches and Santiago Cake, which were served to the Kings of Spain, Dona Sofia and Don Juan Carlos de Borbon.

Today, Claudia, my friend for over 25 years, invited me to be part of this sweet adventure called Claudia's Heavenly Flan and Cakes and I feel happy to join her project, doing what I like the most: Baking!!!!
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